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Stone Arrow

Stone Arrow (hardback) - Richard Herley An imaginative, and sometimes brutal, piece of story telling set in a prehistoric landscape pretty well told. The character development is goo but not great and an excessive amount of time is devoted to seemingly endless descriptions of the flora and fauna of the forest surroundings. However it's shortcomings are counterbalanced by it's originality and it worth a read.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson A wonderful insight into the life of this truly unique guy, his strange early lifestyles and his blossoming into the greatest CEO of modern times. Unfortunately don't expect much in terms of 'prose'. The writing style is business-speak and not great business-speak at that. Lots of interesting stories, information though.

Have a Little Faith: A True Story

Have a Little Faith: A True Story - Mitch Albom I found this a deep disappointment after enjoying his other books so so so much. It is little more than a collection of religious parables presented in an overbearing proselytising manner. Very religious people may like it I guess.

Foundation Series/Foundation Bk 1/Foundation and Empire Bk 2/Second Foundation Bk 3/Foundations Edge Bk 4

Foundation Series (Foundation, #1-4) - Isaac Asimov A masterpiece of unsurpassed storytelling. I have read this series (now of 7 books) more than 5 times over the years and enjoyed them every time. inspiration for Star Wars and iRobot and so many more. A saga that keeps shifting and surprising and providing a wonderful and masterful twist toward the end. I recommend this series to anyone with a passing interest in SF. It's not about gadgets. It's not about fantasy. It's all about people, humanity and what one possible future might hold for us.

The God Delusion

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins An inspiring masterpiece of rational thinking, presented in devastating style. It leaves no room to manoeuvre, no corner to hide in for those who want to imagine that there is any sense in their theism.

Lilian Jackson Braun 2-Pack the Cat Who Wasn't There & the Cat Who Blew the Whistle

Lilian Jackson Braun 2-Pack the Cat Who Wasn't There & the Cat Who Blew the Whistle - Lilian Jackson Braun When you don't want a 'challenging' read. When you just want to enjoy a few very enjoyable, light, short and comfortable stories. Like a pair of slippers, a soft couch and cup of lovely tea. I have devoured almost every one of this series and enjoyed every single caper of a reporter named James Qwilleran and his Siamese cats who help him solve mysteries with their mysterious insights.

For One More Day

For One More Day - Mitch Albom I loved this book as much or more than I loved Tuesdays with Morrie. Again Mitch follows a simple wander through memories of a mother and echoes our own deep love and deep love and regrets about our own mothers. Again such a short piece, yet so satisfying and emotionally wrenching.